Tall bridesmaid dresses – the search

Too much to ask for tall ranges in bridal shops?

I guess there is only so much in life we can expect the tall retailers to cater for. So far I am yet to find helpful information on bridesmaid dresses or any specialist retailers. Having been through this journey recently I thought I would share with you my experiences. My sister is getting married in May and for the last 6 months we have been searching for full length dresses for my other sister and I that will be long enough. Don’t worry there is a happy ending.

The panic

After the elation of being asked to be a bridesmaid the bubble soon popped when the panic set in to find a dress. My sister has always been keen on navy full length dresses and the search has been a struggle. We have been to shop after shop who offer ‘extra length’ these dresses were a great length for my sister of 5ft 11 but left me feeling 15 again searching for long length school trousers. The bride could see the pained anxiety on my face and assured me we would search on for the perfect length dress and at worst have one made.

The winner

Just a few short weeks ago we struck gold. We had been told by a friend to try the Dessy range. These dresses have many styles and all come in a full range of colours. To our delight we discovered they offer 5inches extra length which we have measured to be plenty for me (I am 6ft 3 and wont be wearing heels). We have ordered our dresses and I will be sure to share a photo when they arrive. Now a word of warning these dresses aren’t cheap (£200-300) but they are good quality and by far the best we have found. Dessy have many stockist around the UK, they don’t stock all the dresses but usually have most styles and a colour chart when it comes to ordering.

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