Tall Tights

I have to say since I’ve been writing this blog the question I see from my readers over and over again is where to find tall tights that don’t wriggle down to your knees nor cost the earth. I have been researching and am going to share with you my 3 favourites.

Highstreet – When you’re in a hurry or you’re not an online shopper the best of the highstreet brands in my opinion is Marks and Spencer. I have also tried H&M and Next but these are my favourite. I usually buy an XL and hope the extra elastic will stretch, they take a little maneuvering and I dread going for a wee and having to re position them but at £8 for 3 pairs they are great for everyday wear. Click here to buy.


Tall retailer – I bought myself some tights from Tall Girls UK some time ago they fitted well, but for me they are way too thin. If you like sheer tights you can buy a 3 pack for £8. However if like me you want more than 15 denier to keep you warm then you’re looking at £8-£15 a pair which when you’re wearing them 3 times a week and as clumsy as me is a little overpriced. I still think these are better for tall legs than any high street brand.

Wild Card – like many tall women I have been searching for good tights for some time now. I came across a company called LM Glow on twitter. They make tights purely for tall people, they don’t have a big range but I thought I would try the tights. They have some of the strangest packaging and so called marketing I have ever seen but these are by far the best tights I have ever worn. I found myself lunging around the office in shock that they weren’t gradually heading for my ankles. I can’t vouch for their claim to stop you ‘sweating like a horse’ but they were really long, didn’t move all day and had great support. They are £4.99 a pair Click here to buy them.


7 thoughts on “Tall Tights

      1. Sounds like they are really great, i will be able to wear them more often too if i like them as much. So good for wintertime too 🙂
        Thank you for the tip 💋


  1. I have tried LM Glow and they are the best tights I’ve ever worn. I’m 5’11 and a size 16/18 and they stay up, are comfortable and actually slim you down due to the ribbed support around the hips. They are brilliant but their bizzare packaging really let’s them down. I would never have bought them normally because I don’t have a “sweat problem” which they seem to focus on with their “sweat like a horse… glow as a woman” slogan which I think would put people off, the last thing you want is to be made to feel like you have a “problem” when you don’t! Ok it’s a catchy slogan but that doesn’t mean it is a good one in a marketing sense. It isn’t. BUT the tights are fantastic, I bit the bullet and got one pair and I was so impressed by them I have since ordered another five pairs. I will be ordering more soon. They seem to have a nicer “finish” than shop tights and they definitely last longer and don’t seem to ladder even if you catch them. I’ve actually worn the first pair out at the feet but I just cut them off and wear them with socks and boots. The other five pairs I have had about two months and I wear them every day. My advice is ignore the silly packaging- Get them, you will love them!


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