Top tips for tall sale shopping online

1. Pick key items that you need/want before you start looking.

In the January sales i usually go for high value winter items like coats, jackets and boots. Last year I got a pair of long leather riding boots for less than half price. For me its not worth looking at the low value items that come up all year round unless you really enjoy sale shopping.

2. Don’t wait to hear about the sales weeks after they’ve started. 

Sign up to your favourite shop email lists and then you know you’re the first to know about the sales.

3. Don’t get bogged down with items that are easy to buy on the high street all year round.

Tops, skirts, basic dresses and accessories come up all year round and can be purchased in high street stores.

4. Be prepared for disappointment.

The item you want is likely to be the one that doesn’t make it to the sale, try and pick out two or three similar items then hopefully one will be on offer.

5. Buy it all online.

If you’re not sure which coat/boots/dress to buy online then get them all, try them on and just keep the best one.

6. Wait it out, many retailers have staged sales.

Often retailers temp you in with 10% early on in January but often they will reduce their sale items by up to 75% so hang on as i find mid Jan is the best time to get a real bargain.

7. Don’t buy items that are at the height of fashion.

If something is only in fashion for a short time and you buy it in the sale then the chances are you won’t wear it much if at all. Aim to buy your fashion items at the beginning of the season and staple items in the sales.

8. Follow the three outfit rule.

If you can think of three items in your wardrobe that the sale item goes with then you can buy it. There is no point buying those coral trousers if you don’t have the shoes and tops to go with them.

9. Never buy the wrong size because they don’t have yours.

Wearing something that doesn’t fit properly is never a good look, as tall girls we know that only too well.

10. Share your bargains.

Once you’ve got yourself a bargains share with the rest of us tall ladies :-).

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