Tall sportswear for women

For those of you tall ladies who haven’t given up your news years resolutions I have put together some useful links to find tall sportswear in the UK.


Here are the links to my favourite tall sportswear retailers:

Next have a range of joggers in their tall range that are great value, click here to view them.

Long Tall Sally are on the pricier side however they have a great range and the items are great quality, click here to view thier range.

Tall Girls UK like LTS are on the more expensive side but have a great range, i love their yoga pants. Click here.

Gap have a great tall range (its relatively new) and as part of that they have sweatshirts and joggers, see their page here. I also find the gym tops in their normal sportswear section are really long, see them here.

If all else fails I also buy my gym kit from shops like decathlon and sports direct. If you stick to cropped trousers and long vests you wont need to buy from a tall range. However it might be worth investing in longer length leggings and sweatshirts for the winter 🙂

I’ll leave you with my favourite item which are these full length floral leggings from Long Tall Sally.

Long Tall Sally £40
Long Tall Sally £40

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