Celebrities with big feet

I don’t know about you but it always makes me feel better knowing I’m not the only one with big feet 🙂 so I’ve compiled a list of beautiful female celebrities to make those of you blessed with big feet smile…

Paris Hilton UK10 US11 (I wish she would send me her cast offs)

Paris Hilton UK10

Uma Thurman UK10 US11 

Uma Thurman size10

Audrey Hepburn UK9.5 US10.5 (and she wears flats)

Audrey Hepburn UK9.5

Cindy Crawford UK9 US10

Cindy Crawford UK9

Elle Machpherson UK11 US 12 (wow this one surprised me, she looks great)

ElleMachpherson UK11

Meg Ryan UK10 US11 (Meg isn’t helping herself with these hideous shoes)

Meg Ryan UK10

Olympian Missy Franklin UK12 US13 (she certainly put them to good use)

Missy Franklin - UK12

Oprah Winfrey UK10 US11 (hell yeah)

Oprah Winfrey UK10

Well I know I feel better after reading that, I hope you do too.

Source: Elle Magazine

3 thoughts on “Celebrities with big feet

  1. Fabulous post.
    Every time I’m in a shoe store now and yet another shop assistant tells me ‘I’m afraid that these shoes only go up to a UK size 8’ I’ll think to myself – obviously your shop does not cater for celebrities and super models.


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