La Redoute shoes

I’ve been very quiet on the blog front since I got my new job but I had to share with you my recent haul of shoes and boots from La Redoute. If you don’t know them they’re a french company, as a kid my mum had the catalogue and they do shoes and boots up to UK Size 10 (though its Eur 45 so quite big), they also do half sizes!

I went online recently and wanted to buy the entire collection! I refrained and bought 2 pairs of boots and 2 pumps, all of which are leather and great quality. I have a leather pair of snakeskin style pumps that have outlasted all other pumps I ever bought so I can really vouch for their quality. If that isn’t enough to tempt you to have a look they have various offers on at the moment and because I spent over £200 I got 50% off!

Anyway lets have a look at the shoes and I think these are my favourite! You can find them here. They are perfect for a day and work followed by evening drinks. They have a cut out side and are suede to touch. I don’t know about you but I find it so hard to find comfy flats that are elegant and ‘cute’ and these are all of those things. They retail at £39 but with the code BIG40 you can get 40% off any of these shoes.

Onto shoe number 2. These for me will be a staple ‘meeting shoe’ they are smart, leather (again suede finish) and comfy. you may not be able to see in my images that there is some cut out detail on the front too. These come in a rust colour too (not for me) and retail at £52.50 but again you can get at least 40% off at the moment.

Onto the boots! I have a pair of tan chelsea boots that I bought from LTS last year but i’ve worn them out so much they’re just not smart enough for work anymore so will retire to comfy Saturday shoes. Instead I have upgraded to these slightly different style boots. Now they’re quite a high ankle boot but are so comfy and again leather but I love the tassel and buckle detail and can see these becoming as well loved as my old pair. You can find these here and they retail at £95.

onto the last of the purchases. I wasn’t actively looking for little black boots but I saw these and decided there was a place in my life for them. These come up much lower that the boots above and are even flatter to the ground, I would argue not quite as comfortable but as they’re leather I’m sure they will shape to my feet with time. I love the gold trim round the elastic panel and go really well with my black handbag.  These guys retail at £45 and honestly they are a little less sturdy that the ones above so can see why they’re cheaper,  I still think they’re great for any occasion so am keeping them.

So thats it, I didn’t intend to keep all 4 pairs but I can’t quite bring myself to send any back so instead find myself browsing for more! One thing to note is that delivery is a little slow from La Redoute I imagine because they send them from France but there is free delivery and returns with Click and Collect so as long as you don’t need them for an event the following day I think its worth the wait.

Do let me know if you have any joy with La Redoute shoes and boots, I hope you love them as much as I do.

Top tips for tall sale shopping online

1. Pick key items that you need/want before you start looking.

In the January sales i usually go for high value winter items like coats, jackets and boots. Last year I got a pair of long leather riding boots for less than half price. For me its not worth looking at the low value items that come up all year round unless you really enjoy sale shopping.

2. Don’t wait to hear about the sales weeks after they’ve started. 

Sign up to your favourite shop email lists and then you know you’re the first to know about the sales.

3. Don’t get bogged down with items that are easy to buy on the high street all year round.

Tops, skirts, basic dresses and accessories come up all year round and can be purchased in high street stores. Continue reading Top tips for tall sale shopping online

3 top tips when shopping for tall wedding outfits

Im of an age now (27) where wedding invitations in my letterbox are as common as bills, and quite often cost me more in outfits alone. I love a good wedding but shudder at the thought of having to piece together a matching outfit that’s long enough. I’ve put together 3 top tips for wedding outfits for tall girls, stick with these and the process should be a lot less painful.

  1. Shoes are key. So many times now I have focused on buying the perfect dress only to discover I cannot find shoes that go in my size. These days I try to find a dress in a solid colour that will go with the basic shoes colours (black white tan) alternatively a pattern with one of these colours in the mix.

2. Midi dresses are the way to go. A midi dress from pretty much any shop will fall at a lovely length on long legs. Recently I have bought several midi dresses from Asos that sit just below the knee on me, the key thing to look out for is that the waist line isn’t too defined as this is where you may struggle with fit.

3. Wear a big hat. Like bags us tall girls can pull off any sort of hat in fact the bigger the better. Personally I hire mine from the local millinery but you can also pick up bargain hats at charity shops

Continue reading 3 top tips when shopping for tall wedding outfits