Tall bridesmaid dresses – the search

Too much to ask for tall ranges in bridal shops?

I guess there is only so much in life we can expect the tall retailers to cater for. So far I am yet to find helpful information on bridesmaid dresses or any specialist retailers. Having been through this journey recently I thought I would share with you my experiences. My sister is getting married in May and for the last 6 months we have been searching for full length dresses for my other sister and I that will be long enough. Don’t worry there is a happy ending. Continue reading Tall bridesmaid dresses – the search


3 top tips when shopping for tall wedding outfits

Im of an age now (27) where wedding invitations in my letterbox are as common as bills, and quite often cost me more in outfits alone. I love a good wedding but shudder at the thought of having to piece together a matching outfit that’s long enough. I’ve put together 3 top tips for wedding outfits for tall girls, stick with these and the process should be a lot less painful.

  1. Shoes are key. So many times now I have focused on buying the perfect dress only to discover I cannot find shoes that go in my size. These days I try to find a dress in a solid colour that will go with the basic shoes colours (black white tan) alternatively a pattern with one of these colours in the mix.

2. Midi dresses are the way to go. A midi dress from pretty much any shop will fall at a lovely length on long legs. Recently I have bought several midi dresses from Asos that sit just below the knee on me, the key thing to look out for is that the waist line isn’t too defined as this is where you may struggle with fit.

3. Wear a big hat. Like bags us tall girls can pull off any sort of hat in fact the bigger the better. Personally I hire mine from the local millinery but you can also pick up bargain hats at charity shops

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